TUNG CHUNG AIR 東涌的空氣 2017

After being infatuated with cycling, I bike in Tung Chung almost once a week.  When I ride along the waterfront of Cheung Tung Road, I must stop by and see the landscape.  It is nearly nothing but just the horizon, where planes flying over occasionally and some people fishing; I find it beautiful.  Tides ebb and flow, and how fascinating it is to see the differences during the seasonal changes.

Since being invited to participate in this project, I took a photo there with my mobile phone every time.  I continued doing so for over a year and found that each photo was similar.  And eventually, I combined 24 of those to this one being displayed today.

The same scenery is ever-changing, just like my feelings.  Cycling allows me to escape from the real world, and breathe and enjoy the air of freedom and loneliness — only being persistent can feel it.

Each photo taken is also representing my life.

迷上了踩單車以後,我差不多每個星期都會去東涌踩車一次。沿翔東路由欣澳踩去東涌途中切入有一斷建在的路,我每次經過也必要下去看一看風景。那裡近乎「什麼也沒有」的風景,只有長長的海平綫,偶爾有飛機飛過,有人在岸邊或艇上垂釣,我每一次去看都覺得非常優美。早晩陰晴,潮汐漲退, 因應季節及氣候的轉變而產生不同的面貌,令人著迷。從被邀請參與這個project開始,我每次去到都會站在同一位置用手機拍下一張相片,持續拍攝了超過一年,發現每張相片非常相似但又不一樣,最後我選擇了當中的廿四張合拚了成為這一張作品展示。