IN THE FUTURE 在未來 2021 – 2024

16 x 20 inch / 41 x 51 cm

Hand-painted Platinum Print,
Acrylic, Graphite, Gold and Silver Foil





Humans believe they can rule the world, but a single coronavirus has beaten us! The world fell into a state of chaos, confusion, and panic. We have lost our normal life, the economy has collapsed, and the global order has lost its balance as countries blame each other…All kinds of behaviours have exposed humanity’s prejudice, selfishness, and ignorance…Although this pandemic has not been apocalyptic nor defeated humanity entirely, it has already been a huge blow. When we get back on our feet, our thoughts about the future are probably much changed.

If the virus truly destroys humanity, I believe only women can remain in the future. They are not differentiated by their appearance, bodies, ethnicities, and class and no one can tell them apart. Yet, they ceaselessly replicate themselves like a virus.

Within wild ruins, can they rebuild human civilization? Or evolve into a new virus?