I lived and studied in Tokyo, Japan for five years in the 1980s.  The culture of Japan left me with a deep feeling and had a profound impact on me.  This country that cultivates my artistic creation is like my second home.  I took a lot of snapshot during my stay; those photos were my exploration, cognition, feeling, and understanding of the place, which have become the imprint of my growing years.

In the first year of studying photography, the teacher asked us to shoot five hundred rolls of black and white film (135, 36 exposures) in one year.  Not only the school trained our processing and printing skills, but also the technique of capturing snapshot as a form of expression.  I didn’t understand it at first, but later I realized that only this method could train us to “see” the world and to “feel” people and things around us.  Although I did not choose to develop my photography career in this form, I understand that taking snapshots is my foundation.

1980年代我在東京讀書生活五年,日本的文化令我留下了深刻的感受,對我影響深遠。這個培養我藝術創作的國度就好像是我的第二個家。居住期間曾拍下大量 snap shot,是我對她的探索、認知、感受、了解的渠道,現已成為我成長年代的印記