The massive residential architecture of Hong Kong reflects the cramped living condition of the Hong Kong people: Limited land with crowded people, high density, high repetitive characteristic. This typical ecological phenomenon reflects the oppressive stress of life.

One day by chance, I found a reservoir flooded with garbage while I was shooting photos outdoor. Obviously this is a place that has been neglected for long time. No one clean it up. The garbage keeps flowing constantly with the slight breeze. It is seemingly like an abstract painting. Instinctively I picked up my camera and took this picture.

People in Hong Kong are renowned to live under pressure and to work under stress. Horse racing has been recognized as a kind of popular and mostly welcome entertainment for people to relieve their pressure of life and work. In addition, the international marathon held in Hong Kong has been becoming more and more popular and the number of participant keeps going up annually.

I intentionally create a tension of alienation from the reality by shooting these two sceneries from faraway distance with slightly high angle. The outcome of these perspectives is a bit weird and surreal !